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Peter Berry, Managing Director, Peter Berry ConsultancyPeter Berry, Managing Director
Hiring the right people to lead an organisation is vital due to the impact leaders have in driving culture, engagement, and organisational performance. Using robust assessments in the selection process increases the likelihood of identifying the best leader or executive for the role. As each executive role is unique, it is essential to understand the competencies required for success.

Believing that all talent can be nurtured, and with self-awareness, effort, and persistence, employees can develop, Peter Berry Consultancy’s (PBC) executive selection solutions helps to identify organisational capability through understanding leadership potential, judgement and reasoning. Once a selection decision has been made, PBC can provide expertise in onboarding, coaching and development to ensure a smooth transition into the role to maximise engagement, performance and retention.

PBC’s human capital solutions cover the entire employee lifecycle from selection to development, focusing on individuals, teams and organisational solutions. The development programs offered by the company range from individual solutions targeted at building an individual’s leadership capability to extensive programs for leadership teams which include a combination of self-report, personal feedback, coaching, and modular group workshops. Through a data-driven approach, PBC offers end-to-end selection solutions customised to the needs of a specific organisation. The firm provides off the shelf solutions or a research-based approach to ensure its clients’ selection processes are efficient and effective in identifying suitable candidates at the right time.

Further, PBC supports organisations to select the right people for roles from graduates, front line, mid-level manager through to its executive selection packages. The company’s solutions include the use of valid and reliable diagnostics to complete service assessment centres. Also, PBC’s selection solutions are tailored to reduce an organisation’s turnover, increase employee engagement and productivity, lower selection costs and maximise performance. Driven by the philosophy ‘science informs practice’, PBC’s leadership development solutions are tailored to the organisation’s needs and informed by robust diagnostics. Moreover, the solutions combine a unique blend of comprehensive psychometric data, feedback from stakeholders, targeted development programs and highly effective facilitators and coaches. Using evidence-based diagnostics such as aggregated individual data, team data and external benchmarks, PBC helps its clients understand team capability, then implementing targeted team building programs to address team development opportunities and drive organisational performance.

PBC started its operation as a provider of leadership development solutions. Today, the company has built strong relationships with business schools and other prominent clients to deliver contemporary and effective leadership development programs. As a proud Australian distributor for Hogan Assessment Systems, its consultants offer expertise in industrial and organisational psychology, business planning and strategy consulting, survey and feedback tools, executive coaching, keynote speaking, and talent management design and implementation. Providing customer-focused, evidence-based solutions enable organisations to select the right people, develop key talent, build better leaders, and enhance organisational performance. PBC works with a wide range of private and public organisations, including multinational corporations, government bodies and small businesses. Based in Sydney, the firm also have associates across Australia and globally.
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Peter Berry Consultancy

North Sydney, NSW

Peter Berry, Managing Director

Peter Berry Consultancy (PBC) provides customer-focused, evidence-based solutions that enable organisations to select the right people, develop key talent, build better leaders, and enhance organisational performance